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Paramount Properties 8 Useful tips to freshen up your living space this spring

8 Useful tips to freshen up your living space this spring

As part of our Maintenance May series this month, we sat down with our very own in-house decorators, Chet and Hiten, for a quick cuppa and a chat about small projects that can make a huge difference in your property this spring.

Without further ado, let's jump right into it! 
1. Keep an eye out for condensation - if left unchecked, prolonged condensation can potentially lead to permanent water damage as well as health problems caused by mould growth. If you notice condensation in your property, open windows to ventilate whenever possible, or use a dehumidifier. Make sure trickle vents are open (where installed) to allow air to flow through.
2. When possible, a nice fresh coat of paint in a soft, light colour can really brighten up a room and make it feel more spacious – and in London, who wouldn’t want to feel like they have a few extra square meters!?
3. Although the average ceiling rarely gets much notice, a new coat of white paint can be surprisingly effective at freshening up a room.
4. If you have sash windows, give them a quick inspection. Check sash cords, sash locks, and draft excluders to catch any necessary servicing or replacement early, before you have a broken window or security risk on your hands.
5. Check extractor fans and hoover any build-up to make sure they’re working at 100% capacity. This can make a surprising difference when it comes to clearing condensation in the bathroom (preventing mould and long-term water damage), or clearing smoke in the kitchen when cooking dinner hasn’t gone completely according to plan.
6. On that note – check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. As a general rule, these should be tested on a monthly basis to make sure that batteries are working and that both alarms are generally in working order. A few minutes every month could make all of the difference in an emergency situation.
We recommend adding a note in your calendar on the 1st Saturday of every month. Once you’ve done your check, reward yourself with a nice coffee and baked treat!
7. We all become nose-blind to the smells of our own homes but our guests can often smell when our carpets, sofas, and drapes are in need of a good washing. Spending an afternoon shampooing the odour-trapping fabrics in our homes can make a huge difference in how happy we, and our guests, feel in these spaces.
8. Sort through your gently used clothing, furniture, and housewares. If you haven’t used it in the last year, chances are that you won’t miss it. Instead of cluttering up your valuable space and stressing you out, your items could find new life through donation to a local charity.
Best of luck freshening up your space this spring! And of course, we are always available to advise or take on those bigger projects for you!
Chet & Hiten

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