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Paramount Properties A Quick Step Into Charity

A Quick Step Into Charity

By Steve Wilson – Property Manager


The time has almost come for Reagan and I to don our sparkly outfits and dancing shoes in front of 400 of our peers all in the aid of charity (and the amusement of our co-workers).


The 8th December heralds the day of reckoning for the 2 of us where we will either have the most thrilling night of our lives or the most embarrassing 2 minutes that will never be forgotten in front of a room full of our industry professionals. Whatever the outcome, the important thing to remember is that this is all in the aid of a wonderful charity – the Trussell Trust. But before I go into more detail let me take you to the beginning of this journey.


A year ago, I first started working at Paramount and the idea of a strictly type charity dance was being banded around the office and the buzz was that Reagan was already involved. Not one to shy away from a good cause and the prospect of a new challenge I immediately wanted to be involved, alas there was no room for me. Dejected, I carried on my daily work routine but still the talk was about the charity dance, I often found myself thinking of ways that I could be involved. After copious amounts of nagging, and a little bit of begging to my director, I got the lucky call in February and I was in!


Fast forward to June and the lessons were upon us. We met our fellow volunteer dancers who had plunged themselves into the deep end with little or no previous dance experience and we were on our way. We were judged on our ability, or lack thereof, and given our chosen dances and paired with our not so fortunate professional partners.


I approached the first few lessons with all the enthusiasm a man could muster expecting to be an instant pro and take this like a duck to water. My ego was probably fuelled by all the talk of me being a great dancer to whom the only judges were my colleagues from office parties, apparently this professional dancing lark is a lot harder than it looks on the TV! It was at this point in my life that I realised I have 2 left feet when it comes to the ballroom dancing; I was truly out of my comfort zone.


The months went by and many a toe was stepped on (sorry Jenny) but there was progression, slow progression, but progression nonetheless. I have now somewhat put together a routine that I can perform happily but the professionals need not be worried! As we approach the final few weeks we are now polishing off our routines, the nerves are kicking in and the final push to reach our charity targets are upon us. This brings me back to the Trussell Trust.


At one of the most magical times of the year, I am aiming to bring back the coveted glitter ball trophy and getting into the Christmas spirit, I remember there are those less fortunate than I. This is where all your donations help. The Trussell Trust helps provide food banks for local communities and families in need, and as we approach winter they will become inundated with requests for food parcels and anything that can help. Everything that we raise from my Charleston and Reagan’s Rumba efforts will go towards this and will help give families across the UK peace of mind at this special time of year. Growing up in an area less privileged than most I know how much your donations can help, so before you overindulge this Christmas I ask for any small donation to a wonderful cause.


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