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An egg-cellent start to the Easter weekend

It's that time of the year again where pastel painted eggs appear in shop windows, children venture off to forage for sugary treasures and a four-day weekend is spent consuming an absurd amount of chocolate bunnies. 


We’ve partnered up with our local food bank again to help make sure that every child has a taste of Easter this year. There are over 130 families visiting the Food Hub at Sidings Community Centre to use the food bank weekly, so there are a lot of children in need of a little Easter cheer. We've picked up some chocolate eggs, bunnies, and Easter arts and crafts to make sure no one is missed! 

If you have a moment to spare, be sure to head down there with a few donations next weekend – or feel free to pop into our office and we’ll make sure your donations make it to the Food Hub!

Although the easter bunny, chocolate eggs and treasure hunts are all part of the celebration of Easter, it is also time that celebrates new beginnings, family and most of all – giving! If you have a moment to spare, help us give to our local community this Easter.

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