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Celebrating 35 Years of Paramount

We're celebrating!

On this day, 35 years ago - Paramount Properties was born.

When we opened our doors for the first time, this little independent agency had no idea what way it would go; we just knew we wanted to do things differently.

We're proud to say that over the years, we've ripped apart every rigid norm and created a culture far from that of your average estate agent.

It hasn't always been easy; from market crashes to global pandemics, this little independent has been and seen it all. We wouldn't change it for the world.

Today isn't just about celebrating the day our doors opened, it's about celebrating every single corner we've turned, every customer we've served and every career we've started - and we couldn't be more thrilled to share this moment with you.
Writing down every notable moment in Paramount's history would leave you reading for at least ten working days, so we've chosen five moments we'd like to celebrate with you - get the bubbly ready! 

Paramount Maintenance

Launching an in-house maintenance service, although more commonplace now, was fairly unusual for an estate agency at the time. For us, it signified the start of recognising the importance of a 360-degree service.

"There was also a massive need for it; opening a service and quality-driven maintenance team meant we could tackle one of the most significant complaints in property management - unreliable contractors.

Like most new sub-brands, we've gone through our teething process: We've tried, tested, and adjusted.

Within that, we've now moved maintenance into larger refurbishment projects, proved to ourselves that we could take on and compete on a much larger scale, and identified a service we didn't realise our owners so badly needed and wanted.

Apart from being our go-to for our managed owners, Paramount Maintenance handled more jobs for our sales team this year than ever. It has quickly become a cornerstone of our pre-sale product improvement strategy and a trusted contractor for our new owners who want to create their dream homes."

Reagan Bradley, Operations Director 

Our awards

We're proud to say we've achieved many awards over the years, but three really stood out to us.

Best Letting Agent UK (Times Awards 2015)

"The day we won the award was the most memorable of my career. It was an uplifting, emotional experience as it was a culmination of 20 years of hard work. I felt exceptionally proud." - Lettings Director, Spencer Lawrence.

Best Lettings Agency in the Country & Best Independent Lettings Agency 2022 (EA Masters)

"We've started from the beginning by asking our clients what would make their experience of selling, buying, letting or renting better. We've invested in tech, team and training to make these improvements. We asked and listened, and now we're on the right track. I felt very proud to be a part of an agency that's leading our industry. It was a feeling of 'we're getting it right'". - Danielle Lanthier, Projects.

Lettings Manager of the Year UK (EA Masters)

"I'm still coming to terms with it. It's a surreal feeling. The term manager has never really sat right with us. Our approach to management is something far more open and inclusive. It's about stepping back and helping everyone climb their hill at their own pace.

I've been forced outside my comfort zone at times, but now I recognise these challenges as essential. This award wouldn't have been possible without my team.  They genuinely are incredible people who are brilliant at what they do. They have a real passion for delivering fantastic results to our clients, which drives me to improve.

My advice for anyone looking to excel in their role would be to face the dragon at the door! Put your hands up and deal with problems others wouldn't have. Look for opportunities in what could be perceived as difficult conversations and always actively look to get outside your comfort zone - it'll always make you better, more resilient or more knowledgeable." - Ollie Gorman, Lead Lettings Consultant

A unified agency: combining sales and lettings

For those of you who have been with us for a while, you'll know that although working side by side, lettings and sales have historically operated separately. In January this year, combining lettings and sales signified the start of a unified agency.

The integration, from a service perspective, is a huge milestone because it means that anyone working with Paramount can receive a truly 360-degree offering, seamlessly servicing all their property needs from lettings to sales to refurbishments and back again.

However, upon reflection over the last six months of operating this way, we see that it has created an even better team culture across the desks.

"Our new connected agency has resulted in shared learning and increased team morale and performance. Whilst our company culture has always stood firm in respect, there seems to be a newfound respect for every aspect of each department.

There has been uncertainty; we're unlearning rigid systems and creating tech-blended processes, but we're learning every day, sticking together and enjoying the journey.

We've finally closed loop services for our client base with the sense that all team members from every department are one indivisible whole."

Spencer Lawrence, Lettings Director

Our first-ever video tour

"There are no ifs or buts; video tours are our thing. But it's well worth mentioning that it wasn't always that way. From day-to-day life to future perspectives, it's fair to say that the pandemic brought on major shifts.

As a business that relies heavily on face-to-face interaction, when the pandemic hit, we needed to find a new and inventive way to get people into their new homes. That's where our video tours began. What was initially a temporary replacement for a property viewing suddenly became one of our most talked about USPs.

After realising how effective they were, the audiences they reached, and how they elevated the customer journey, we were left with the question: Why didn't we think of this before?

Our video tours are such a big milestone for us because they signified a massive change in how we market our properties. They almost paved the way for a new advertisement style, a more refreshing, modern approach to a somewhat stagnant agency style of marketing.

So even though the pandemic is a thing of the past, our video tours are still very much our present and a big part of our future."

Rhian Crumlin, Marketing

Changing the face of the office

"I think we can all somewhat understand the power behind your environment. It affects everything, your mood, how you show up and can compeletly transform an atmosphere. If you head down to estate agents, you typically know what you're in for; a lifeless, almost clinical standard office.

Our office space will always be a milestone for us simply because it grows with us. It acts as a visual representation of the shift Paramount has gone through over the years.

As we began to shift our focus more towards creating an experience for our clients, our office soon followed suit. If you haven't already popped by to see us, you'll be welcomed with wooden desks, bold artwork and cosy corners when you do. A space that's interesting, welcoming and far more laid back.

There's something pretty special about walking into an office and feeling at home, and that's what we wanted to create for not only our clients but our team, too. So now you know what to do, come and see us, crack open a diet coke and chat away!"

Rhian Crumlin, Marketing


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