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Changing Agency for the Better: Meet our New London Advocate for Women in Estate Agency

Women in Estate Agency is an industry organisation run by women for women.

Its core mission is to strive for true equality at all levels within the estate agency sector.
In an industry still largely dominated by men, Women in Estate Agency stands as a powerful force, leaving a lasting impact by empowering and supporting women and ensuring they feel heard and valued in the sector.

From Dover to Doncaster, the Women in Estate Agency aims to reach every corner of the UK—and within that, they are looking for advocates to support them in their mission.

Last week, it was announced that our Business Support Specialist, Janki, has been chosen as the new London Advocate for Women in Estate Agency.

In this blog, we sit down with Janki to learn more about her journey, her new role, and what she hopes to gain from this exciting new venture!

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to be involved in estate agency?
"After completing my degree, I was looking at various graduate programmes and stumbled across one in property, which sparked my interest. I moved around a lot as a child, and my family has experience in lettings, so I always knew it was something I was intrigued by."

What are some of the biggest challenges women in the estate agency sector face today?
"Our biggest challenge in the agency as women are juggling the ever-demanding roles and work-life balance, especially for those who are mums. Beyond that, I really feel women are starting to influence and take on more prominent roles in various businesses, and I think it is crucial that we keep growing our presence and voice."

What motivated you to take on the London Advocate for Women in Estate Agency role?
"We were fortunate enough to attend the women in estate agency conference last year, and it was such a memorable experience. I came away knowing I wanted to be part of this."

What are your personal goals in this new role as the London Advocate?
"A personal goal for me is representing ethnic diversity; when we were at the conference, you really felt the sense of inclusivity, but when I looked around the room at the conference, I was surprised to see the lack of ethnic diversity around the room."

What advice would you give to women just starting out in the estate agency sector?
"Be a sponge, soak up all the information and spend time with lots of people to gain a wealth of knowledge. Get a mentor, someone you can turn to for advice, especially as you are looking to progress in your career."

How can others in the industry get involved and support the mission of Women in Estate Agency?
"Show up and show your support for inclusivity - go to the conferences, even if you're not a woman, it's important for you to learn about inclusivity and how we can be better in our industry. Also, you don't necessarily have to be in an estate agency to attend, reach out to suppliers, the local community; this transcends far beyond estate agency."

To find out more about Women in Estate Agency,
visit their website here.
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