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Paramount Properties Clearing out your winter wardrobe for a good cause

Clearing out your winter wardrobe for a good cause

Recently Paramount Pantry kicked off a season of coat collections with a drive to collect unwanted coats for Wrap Up London. All donated coats get distributed to charities and community groups that directly support people who are homeless, fleeing domestic violence, refugees, and those at risk living in poverty. The aim of Wrap Up London is to make sure unwanted coats make it to people in need who aren't able to purchase a coat from a charity shop, where many donated coats end up being sold rather than given away. 

Shannon (Accounts), Frank (Consultant), Adam (Consultant), and Spencer (Managing Director of Lettings) all got involved to help sort our coat donations! 

Spencer - who recently spent a November night sleeping out in support of aid to homelessness - kindly agreed to show off the coats that were generously donated by our community and staff during our drive. We think he's still trying to warm up after that very cold and rainy night, which has raised a phenomenal £538,817 for Sleep Out London so far*! 

The coats were piled into our Paramount Smart Car and taken to Safestore, where coats are stored and sorted before being distributed to the people who need them. 

Last year, Wrap Up London collected a total of 36,000 coats across the UK! We have our fingers crossed that this year the total is even higher; not only because more people will be kept warm during what is being forecasted to be a particularly cold winter, but because of the opportunities that are created when someone reaches out for help. 

"For people facing crisis, the impact of receiving a coat can go further than just keeping warm. The coats collected by Wrap Up London offer a real opportunity for positive change. When a person at risk makes contact with a charity to collect a coat they receive practical help from that organisation and have the opportunity to accept ongoing support to change their situation long-term." (Wrap Up London

For our part, Paramount Pantry will continue to collect coat donations all through the winter, because we know that there are many more unwanted coats out there taking up valuable wardrobe space that could make a big difference for someone this year. For people who do not have a coat to give away, we encourage those with the means to visit a charity shop this Christmas season to purchase a coat or two to donate. Every single one makes a difference! 


* Sleep Out London is collecting donations until December 21st this year. If you would like to make a donation to help combat youth homelessness, or would like to get involved in the 2020 Sleep Out yourself, click here
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