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Happy Anniversary to the Super Heroes at West Hampstead Community Food Hub!

Easter Saturday marks one year since West Hampstead Community Food Hub started delivering food to those in need. 

A year on they’re supporting 145 families with over 20 volunteers giving their time each week.

This past year has taken its toll on our community, and the number of people reaching out for food support is increasing. Spencer, our MD of Lettings, has been really passionate about Paramount's support of the WHCFH since we first began working with them during the first lockdown. He says:  

"We're saddened that the need is still there. People are facing challenging times like never before. But we’re proud to work in a community that rallies together when people need help." 

We want to say a sincere and massive "Thank you!" to everyone that has donated or volunteered this year. We've been left speechless time and time again by the kindness of our neighbours. It truly makes a world of difference. 

To show you just how important your donations are, we asked the WHCFH to take a photo of their stock room on a Saturday before and after deliveries. Here is the "Before": 



And here is the "After":

You can see just how many supplies disappeared in one delivery for the 145 families that receive support. Each week the volunteers have a lot to do to make sure that there is enough for the next weekend's delivery. 

If you're able to help out this Easter, here are two really easy ways to support families in need:

1. Head to West Hampstead Community Food Hub's website and make a donation online. The Food Hub uses these donations to make sure there's enough food to go out to each of the families they're supporting, including fresh fruit & veg. 

2. Drop items off at our office! We're closed to the public for Covid safety reasons but we're still collecting non-perishable donations for the Food Hub. Last week we had an amazingly kind neighbour drop off a few bags of chocolate Easter eggs for the children ahead of this weekend.  

Sinead, a Development Worker at the Food Hub, had this to say:

"I arrived at the centre this afternoon to see all the amazing bags of eggs- thank you so much!! That was so generous and will be a huge help in making sure we can give out eggs to all the families - in fact we have 11 families with 4 or more children, and one with 8 children - so with your donation we can give more than one egg to the larger families, which is brilliant."

From all of us, we hope you have a safe and happy Easter weekend! 

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