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Blog Moving House with Children and Toys

Moving home can be quite unsettling for young children. Making their move go smoothly can have a great impact on how they settle into their new home.

Children’s toys provide an element of comfort and company whilst the move gathers pace, but moving their toys can be tricky, especially if they are attached to specific ones.

There are a number of things that you can do as a parent or guardian to help settle the Children’s nerves and make them feel at ease. This brief guide will look at what can be done before, during and after your move with Children.

Before You Move

As an adult, we become disconnected with toys the older we get – However, with children that simply isn’t the case. The toys that they become attached to play a significant role in their upbringing.

Whilst moving it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the situation. Try not to let on and keep it covered as best you can as your children will quickly notice and start to become anxious themselves.

If possible, try to arrange an additional viewing of your future home and take your children with you. This will give you a great opportunity to show the children around their new home, where their bedroom will be and what space is available for playing.

Why not spend a day in the new area checking out the local activities too. This is a great way for young children to familiarise themselves with the area, making it far less scary when you do eventually move in.

Packing Up Children’s Toys

Now, this is the tricky part. As you move, you will need to pack the majority of your children’s toys away. A great way to help this process go smoothly is to create a moving day survival box for your children. Simply use the following steps to help you on your way.

Assess – Spend some time before your house-move watching which toys your children tend to play with the most. Make sure that you note down which books, toys and dress-up outfits that they play with and leave these to one side when you pack. These toys will be what is available to them during moving. It’s good to have a selection of toys available to stop them losing interest and getting bored.

Explanation – Communication is vital when you are moving with children. Make sure that you spend some good time explaining what is happening and try to be as clear as possible. If they understand what is happening, they will be more comfortable when the moving day arrives.

Consider offering reassurances by telling them about how safe their toys will be and that they will be ready for them when they arrive at the new home.

Organising and Sorting Toys

By this stage, it’s fair to assume that you have moved and you are ready to unpack. This gives you the golden opportunity to go through your children’s toys and remove anything that is broken, rarely used or that has simply been outgrown.

Author Bio: Ed Davis is the Co-Founder and Director of Davis and Mac – a traditional Man and Van in London that provides packing services and transportation for homeowners and businesses.

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