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Paramount Properties My First Week at Paramount

My First Week at Paramount

Having now completed my first week as a Property Manager at Paramount I wanted to share the three main things that have really stood out for me.

Staff engagement

The first thing that stood out is the staff engagement. Everyone’s enthusiasm and professionalism towards what we do is a breath of fresh air. It is refreshing to be part of a team who value people over numbers and hitting targets. With everyone from the accounts team to the lettings negotiators working with the same ethos and a great sense of pride which in turn has transpired into a long list of awards.

On my first day in the office, it was evident that a lot of effort had gone into making me feel welcome and giving me the best possible start to help eliminate the expected ‘first day nerves’. I had a full induction and met the whole team on my first day. I also had my first weekly lunch with the contractors followed by team welcome drinks after work.

In-house maintenance

The benefits of having an in-house maintenance team who work incredibly closely with the Property Management department stand out immediately. Any problem raised by the tenant, however big or small, is discussed and the best solution sought out in the quickest time. Working so closely with the maintenance team enables a quick turnaround for jobs and being able to prioritise emergencies when they are reported. Having the contractors as members of staff working so closely with the Property Managers, reinforces the high customer service that Paramount offers. The maintenance team regularly speaks to landlords and tenants directly to offer advice, and together everyone ensures the properties we look after are kept at a high standard, and that everyone involved is happy.

Quality of stock

When carrying out a few property visits, I couldn’t help but notice the high standards Paramount has. I have been used to battling and trying to persuade landlords to make improvements to their properties. So I was shocked at the willingness that Paramount’s landlords have to carrying these out. The professionalism, sense of pride and care that is taken is evident when a Landlord wants to ensure their property is kept to a high standard for tenants. They definitely seem to think in line with our standards and that makes for a really positive relationship and experience for everyone involved.


By Amber Murray

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