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We put the call out, and our neighbours answered

A brand new charity like the West Hampstead Community Food Hub often doesn't know what to expect in terms of donations. Will they receive enough to support the guests that rely on them to get by? 
A couple of weeks ago Sinead, a Development Worker for the Food Hub, told Spencer that she was a bit worried as their 11 December deadline approached. Their plan was to hand out Christmas parcels to each of the families that visited their food bank. This number had quickly grown to 118 since they opened two months earlier, meaning they were supporting just under 350 people in the local community every week. 
They sent a call out for donations into West Hampstead and our surrounding areas. We did our best to get the message out on our social media channels, and let people know that they could drop donations off at our office. 
We also donated 30 £10 book vouchers for West End Lane books, hoping that children and families will get the experience of choosing a special book to read together. 
The question remained: with everything going on, would we get any donations? 
We could not believe the response. All week we had kind neighbours knocking on our door to drop off a few gifts, treats, or non-perishables for the Food Hub. One couple even dropped off a whole collection of wrapped gifts labeled with an age range and what was inside! 

The variety was perfect. From Sinead: 

"We get to know our guests who come to the Centre, so we put each Christmas parcel together with a specific family in mind." 
We want to say a HUGE "Thank You!" to everyone who donated. It was such an amazing reminder of what our community is made of and that we're here for each other.  
If you'd like to know more about the Food Hub, you can check out their website here
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