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Paramount Properties What it takes to win the Best Estate Agent Guide's Outstanding Contribution Award

What it takes to win the Best Estate Agent Guide's Outstanding Contribution Award

Our industry has some amazing people - our colleagues - who work hard for, and donate a large portion of their time and resources to, meaningful charity and community work, as well as improving service standards in property. There's no doubt that this year the competition was stiff for the Outstanding Contribution award from Property Academy's Best Estate Agent Guide. This month at the Estate Agent Masters awards ceremony, our Managing Director of Lettings, Spencer Lawrence, was humbled (and visibly surprised) to be the recipient of this award. 

The following is a quote from Peter Knight, award winning speaker and founder of Property Academy: 

"The Outstanding Contribution Award is determined by a review of all the individuals in the industry that have stood out for going the extra mile. Spencer was selected principally for his charity work, his example of leading a business that has consistently outperformed the competition and for your work in the community. In simple terms, he (and Paramount) are exemplars of outstanding estate agency."

Reflecting back on 2019, Spencer has been an influential part of many charity events and projects. Just recently, he kayaked 31 miles in Wales and was one of the top fundrasers for Huntington's Disease Research. He led fundraising and volunteering for our local food bank for Agent's Giving Day, and has been a driving force behind our Paramount Pantry program, which makes it easier for people in our community to donate food items and gently used clothing. Spencer also made it possible for Paramount to donate a full kitchen refurbishment to The Winch, a local child and youth charity, that has created an entirely new functional space for their staff and visitors. 

In addition to charity and community work, Spencer sits on the board of directors for Agent's Giving - an organisation that encourages and helps estate agents to fundraise, volunteer, and ultimately give back to the communities that they are a part of. He also frequently attends workshops to develop new ideas on how to best serve our clients, improving standards in the industry and helping to change the general perception of lettings agencies. 

Anyone who meets Spencer can see right away that he is passionate about people and thrives on helping people to solve problems. When it comes to pushing the boundaries with Paramount, and motivating our office to get even more involved in community projects and volunteer work, he leads by example. As humble as Spencer is, the rest of us know that this award has been earned, and we also know that it will only serve to motivate him to work harder next year to outshine his list of contributions in 2019. On our part, we'll do our best to keep up! 


Spencer's Outstanding Contribution Award is not the only award that we've had to find wall space for following this year's Estate Agent Masters awards ceremony. This year, both our Lettings and our Sales teams won Best Estage Agent Guide awards for placing in the top 3% of estate agencies across the UK!

This means that our service, marketing, and the results that we get for our clients rank in the top 3% of 25,000 agencies across the country.

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